Thanks to CNC control, you can create complex parts and products with high accuracy and repeatability. With our machines, you can significantly reduce part processing time, reduce labor costs and increase production volume.

Electric Power Systems

Any size or shape. In any regulatory environment. When you need power, LIga Trade is equal to the challenge. Our commercial and industrial generator sets are used in a variety of applications.

Diesel Generator Sets (50 HZ)
6.8 - 9.5 kVA Diesel Generator Set
Producing reliable power from 6.8 to 9.5 kVA at 50 Hz, diesel generator sets designed to ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements. Diesel generator sets are R96/EUIIIa equivalent emissions compliant.
Diesel Generator Sets (60 HZ)

30 ekW Diesel Generator Set

Producing reliable power of 30 ekW at 60 Hz, our diesel generator sets are designed to meet ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements. Generator sets are EPA TIER 4I emissions compliant.

Gas Generator Sets (SINGLE PHASE AND 3 PHASE)

100 ekW Generator Set

The spark-ignited generator sets for stationary emergency applications provide a much cleaner and sustainable solutions for your power needs. The ability to run on various types of gaseous fuels and adapting automatic fuel change-over, make these products capable to power a wide range of applications.

20 kVA Mobile Diesel Generator Set

This generator set is EU Stage V emission standard capable. It can handle varying load requirements across diverse regions and applications including mining, manufacturing, oil and gas and construction.

60 kVA Mobile Diesel Generator Set

This generator set provide low fuel consumption performance. With a robust, rental or mobile-ready construction, the product line is designed to be easily transported around project sites safely and efficiently. Heavy-duty bases with integrated fork lift pockets allow the unit to be dragged and lifted with ease, while Clipsal or CEE socket options are available on select models to reduce installation time and provide trouble-free power distribution.

330 kVA Mobile Diesel Generator Set

The Mobile Diesel Generator Set provides world class performance and enhanced usability. This model is powered by the fuel-efficient engine equipped with the NOx Reduction System. A principle advantage of the control system offers simpler and faster voltage changes. Providing greater flexibility when moving between multiple job sites with differing frequency and voltage needs, the auto-configuration capability eliminates the time required when reprogramming units and potential errors. Additional features include lower noise levels and improved part load fuel consumption.

Vertical Machining Center

A vertical machining center is a type of milling machine that is commonly used in the manufacturing industry. It is designed to perform a wide range of machining operations, such as milling, drilling, boring, and tapping, on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

Three Axis Rail Vertical Machining Center
Equipment features:
1.Z-axis with brake, no weight design, up and down high-speed movement, no vibration, high precision.
2.The use of post-chip structure, clean up waste residue, easy to leak.
3.Three-axis full -stroke design, to ensure dynamic accuracy of the machine to improve life expectancy.
4.Withe the disc magazine, open the knife function, improve the tool change speed.
5.Integral molded castings provide a strong load-bearing capacity.
6.High-speed roller linear guide, fast, good rigidity.
Two Axis Rail Vertical Machining Center

Equipment features:

Two wire and one hard structure, fast response, fast feed, good dynamic performance and high positioning accuracy.

1. The basic design of the whole machine is fast and high speed, which guarantees the mass production, precision machining and maximum processing efficiency of parts.

2. Modular combination of efficient chip removal, rapid feed and spindle high-speed functions to meet customers' different processing needs.

3. The key components that affect the quality of the whole machine are imported high-quality accessories.

Three Axis Rigid Rail Vertical Machining Center
Equipment features:
1. The lathe bed and its main components are made of high-quality Yunnan cast iron with high specifications. The advanced all resin sand casting process is used to improve the seismic resistance and stability of the lathe, which is suitable for high-strength and high-precision processing.
2. The main structural parts of the machine tool are processed by large imported high-precision CNC equipment such as pentahedron machining center, gantry guide rail grinding, special boring milling horizontal machining, etc., with excellent technology and high precision.
3. The functional parts of the machine tool, including the unit spindle, ball screw, tool cylinder, lubrication setting, tool magazine, coupling, and lead screw bearing, are all imported products, which are reliable and durable.

High Speed Machining Center

A high-speed machining center typically consists of a rigid machine bed, a spindle motor, a tool magazine, and a worktable. The machine bed provides a stable foundation for the machine and is designed to minimize vibrations and maintain high precision.

Drilling And Tapping Type Central Machine

Equipment features:

1. Three wire rail structure, large lead screw, 16T umbrella type tool magazine, mature and stable drilling and tapping machine structure.

2. Spindle speed ≥ 12000 rpm, three-axis fast moving speed ≥ 48 m/min.

3. Conventional threaded holes made of aluminum alloy M3~M8 can be tapped within 1.3 seconds.

4. It looks light. Because of the high speed of the cutter, the cutting speed is fast, and the processing efficiency is higher.

5. Wide base, large herringbone column, fully optimized design, enhanced functions and significantly improved performance.

High Speed And Efficient Machining Center


1. It can complete the exchange action of tool to tool in 0.7 seconds, mechanical linkage, reduce detection, be fast and consistent, and have low failure rate.

2. The machine tool base is wide and thick, with sufficient weight, low center of gravity and large bearing surface, providing a strong guarantee for high-speed and high-precision.

3. Spindle box enlargement, scientific reinforcement arrangement, sliding saddle, etc. have been carefully designed, taking full account of the requirements of high rigidity and high speed.

Flat Bed CNC Lathe

A flat bed CNC lathe is a type of lathe machine that is specifically designed for the manufacturing of complex cylindrical and conical shapes. It is widely used in the metalworking industry for various applications such as turning, drilling, and milling.

Single Spindle CNC Lathe

Equipment features:

1. The design concept and process method of sheet metal for vertical machining and oblique turning are introduced into the flat bed lathe. The CNC optical fiber laser cutting machine and CNC five axis bending machine are used to produce sheet metal for the flat car, which makes the machine tool look novel, simple and elegant, and the work is fine.

2. The frequency converter is a closed loop, which directly detects the spindle encoder signal. Once the spindle speed drops, the closed-loop control is quickly started, and the output torque within 30s is more than twice the rated value, which greatly reduces the possibility of being stuck.

3. If necessary, the power of the main motor can be increased, such as 3.0KW to 4.0KW, 7.5KW to 9.5KW, and the torque of each speed segment can be significantly increased through strict testing of the dynamometer.

4. The flat bed CNC lathes of our company can be made into premium machines, standard machines, high-quality machines and special machines, which can meet the different needs of different types of customers, and help to scale production, so as to achieve a win-win situation between customers and manufacturers.

Multi Gear CNC Lathe

The water, oil, electricity and gas are well treated. There are many measures for sealing, anti-collision, protection and heat dissipation. The reliability of parts is good. The inspection items and means are refined. The process specification is detailed.

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Saw cutting and sheet metal

Industrial machines are part of the production process in various industries. They allow you to automate and speed up production processes, increase work efficiency, and the quality of products. By purchasing industrial machines from us, you can be sure of the reliability and stability of the equipment. We offer consultations on the selection and installation of machines, as well as personnel training. We guarantee an individual approach to each client and competitive prices.

Pack Cutting Saw

Elevate your pack cutting operations with the Pack Cutting Saw. This high-performance saw offers exceptional precision and efficiency for a wide range of materials and profiles.


  • Hydraulic dual column design
  • Gearbox designed to accept high lateral pressure (no thermal distortion)
  • Inverter blade drive system which allows infinitely variable blade speeds
  • Adjustable flood coolant system
  • Carbide blade guides and bearing provides additional blade support
  • Rigid cast-iron guide arms
  • Cast-iron hydraulic vise
  • Split vise jaw for reduced burr

CNC Mitre Bandsaw

Discover unparalleled efficiency in heavy-duty cutting. This powerhouse is adept at slicing through bars, tubes, solids, and profiles up to 60° on both left and right sides. Boasting CNC-managed feeder and sawframe movement, the Mitre Bandsaw features a 10″ touch screen display, offering seamless control over the cutting process.

Automatic and semiautomatic bandsaws uses an innovative angle measurement system located outside the machine center so that the angle precision and accuracy is always as high as possibile, even on left and right angular cuts.

CNC Laser. Combined Sheet and Pipe Cutting with Exchange Table


  • Dual use Sheet and Tube fibre laser cutting machine combined with exchange table
  • Faster exchange table speed
  • Auto focus head
  • Double pneumatic chucks
  • Fifth generation aluminium alloy beam
  • Super heavy steel welded machine bed
  • Intelligent control system
Laser Power 1000w~6000w
Accuracy Of Positioning ±0.03 mm
Repeat Repositioning Accuracy ±0.02 mm
Maximum Speed 120m/min
Precision 3 Roll Plate Bending Machines

These plate rolls are designed to deliver exceptional results when shaping and bending metal plates. With robust construction, user-friendly controls, and a commitment to accuracy.


  • PLC control system
  • Conical bending
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Stress relieved steel construction body
  • High tensile carbon steel rolls
  • Sealed spherical roller bearings
  • 3 rolls drive system
  • Fixed top roll and hydraulic opening cover
  • Welding possibility on the machine
H-Beam High-Efficiency Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


  • One-Stop Solution for the Steel Structure Industry
  • Dual-Workstation Design, Wallet-Friendly
  • All-in-One Process Package, Flexi and Efficient
  • Pro Profile Cutting System, Smart Nesting Help
  • Spot-On Workpiece Compensation, Single Go Shaping
  • All-in-One Workflow, Cuts Labor Costs
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Crushing machines

Crushing machines are very important part of recycling. As per customer request, crushers produced between 300– 1500 mm rotor sizes with capacity between 100 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr.

The Belt feeding type crushing machine


  • Knife roll diameter - 1100 mm
  • Knife roll rotating speed - 926 rpm
  • Fly-cutter quantity - 24 piece
  • Main motor power - 250 kW
  • Production capacity - 25-28 t/h
  • Feeding port size - 1400×800 mm
  • Whole machine weight - 24.6 t
  • Boundary dimension - 11000×2480×3250 mm
Chain plate feeding type crushing machine

Knife roll diameter - 650 mm

Fly-cutter quantity - 8 piece

Feeding port size - 1500×1500

Crushed materials length - 30-50

Production capacite -  15-20 t/h

Weight - 9.8 t

Main motor power - 75×2110 kW

Knife roll rotating speed - 590590 rpm

Boundary dimension - 3400×2500×3300 mm

Stump crushing machine


  • Knife roll rotating speed - 650 rpm
  • Knife roll diameter - 800 mm
  • Fly-cutter quantity - 4 piece
  • Feeding port size - 1250×500 mm
  • Main machine weight - 7.8 t
  • Feeding motor power - 7.5+5.5 kW
  • Main motor power - 132-160  kW
  • Oil pump motor power - 3  kW
  • Feeding conveyor length - 6 m
  • Discharging conveyor length - 10 m
  • Boundary dimension - 3300×3000×2230 mm
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Food processing machin

Liga Trade presents food industry machines that provide high precision and efficiency in the production of food products. They allow you to automate the production process, reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

Food processing machines can be used for a variety of processes, from chopping and mixing ingredients to shaping and producing finished products.

Frozen Block Meat Flaker


Stainless steel construction

Built-in loading table

Cutting drum is enclosed with electrical safety guard

Voltage: 230 V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø

Compressor: 2 HP required

Motor: 15 HP

O/A dims.: 2500 x 1125 x 1300 mm

Maximum product size capacity: 675 x 500 x 225 mm thick

Production capacity: 10 000 kg per hour depending on the thickness of the flake

Flaking thickness available: 5 mm, 15 mm, 30 mm

Product temperature: from -20°C to - 10°C

Lockout/Tagout On/Off switch

Flakes tempered or frozen blocks of meat, poultry, or other products to assist in further processing.


Electrical: 460V / 60Hz / 3Ph

Additional size flaking knives: (6 per set)

Horizontal Slicer


Stainless steel construction

O/A dimensions (LxWxH): 1925 x 950 x 1420mm

Length with conveyor: 2990mm

Slice thickness: 1 - 700mm

Single blade max. slices/minute: 220/min

Slicing up to 3 different sections

Electrical: 220V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø

Slices and portions: fresh, frozen or slightly frozen meat (up to -4°C)

Products: meat, meat rolls, pork chops, bacon, roast, sausage, cheese

Serrated and other smooth blades available. Ask your sales person for updated cost

Vacuum Paddle Mixers


Easy to remove paddles, no wrenches needed

Forward and reverse mixing

LED timer, displays hours and minutes

Drain plug on hopper

Frame: 11 GA stainless steel tubing, open under hopper for easy dumping, locking swivel casters

Hopper construction: 12 GA stainless steel, 110° Dumping, removable paddles, clean-out drain on bottom, transparent cover with safety lockout, capacity 200 lb

230 V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø; 5 amps

Options: Stainless steel grated lid, metal lid, pour spout, frame extension and hydraulic lift.

Automatic Check Weigher with Air/Pusher Rejection System


Set-up weight range (Maximum: 1000g, Minimum: 1g)

Maximum product size: 200 mm W x 160 mm H

Accuracy: +/- 0.1g

Air/Pusher rejection system (Enable the out of range products to be removed from the conveyor belt while maintaining the normal process flow)

Photo sensor

In-feed conveyor

Conveyor belt: 175 mm W

Belt speed adjustment according to different product choice

Intermediate weighing scale

High precision digital load cell (double beam)

IP65 Touch screen

Electrical: 220V / 60 Hz / 1 Ø

Nozzle Vacuum Packaging Machine


Heavy duty stainless steel construction

Busch vacuum pump


Foldable table

Computerized water resistant control panel (IP 56)

Water resistant electrical box (IP 56)

Options: Bag holding clips, top and bottom seal, gas flush, voltage, sensor control, soft air, gas tank, digital seal temperature control system, custom sizes are available.

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